Medicolegal Express was borne out of a busy clinical practice, in which we see many third party compensable patients. A significant number of these patients were not receiving the treatment they needed and were entitled to because of so-called independent medical evaluations’ furnished by specialists who were clearly biased, out of touch with contemporary standards of practice, or offering opinions outside their area of expertise. We saw a dire need to create a service that offers truly impartial reports, provided by specialists who actively practice (or recently practiced) in that area.

Medicolegal Express is highly experienced in the provision of a variety of medico-legal services including:

  • Claimant assessments
  • Medical reports
  • Independent medical examinations
  • Permanent impairment assessments
  • Written opinions
  • Medical litigation case evaluation
  • Expert witnesses

Our exclusive group of over 40 leading consultants, with multiple locations across Australia, provide an exceptionally high standard of opinions and reports.